Things to Do in the Mile High City


At the foot of the Rocky Mountains lies the great city of Denver; a town bustling with culture, breweries, and proud sports fans ready to welcome tourists with open arms. If you’re looking for a summer getaway without extreme levels of heat, this city may be the perfect travel spot for you.

Denver is renowned for its beautiful scenery and parks, which act as perfect buffers during business trips, as the city is a fairly popular destination for business travel. Whether you’re here for a few days on business, or a few weeks for a relaxing getaway, the things you can do in Denver are enough to fill your itinerary.

Coors Field

Home to the MLB team Colorado Rockies, this baseball stadium has one of the greatest views in the entire league, as the Rocky Mountains are able to be seen (from higher seats of course). If you’re unable to catch an actual baseball game, the stadium offers tours throughout the year providing history on the team and facility. Coors Field also houses the Mountain Ranch Club; a bar and grille with outdoor seating.

16th Street Mall

In a city full of enormous buildings and skyscrapers, it is refreshing for most to see a long stretch of restaurants, shops, and department stores breaking up the monotony. 16th Street in downtown Denver is a bustling strip of boutiques void of traffic. The only car you’ll see in this area is the shuttle bus taking shoppers to and from stores and restaurants. With 42 outdoor cafes in and around the mall, it may be difficult deciding where you wish to grab a bite. The restaurants, breweries, and cafes range from casual to fine dining. For those visiting the mall after hours, horse-drawn carriages are available at dusk to transport you wherever you wish to go.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Located in City Park, the city’s Museum of Nature and Science is full of rich history dating all the way back to the Jurassic period. Dinosaur skeletons, rocks and minerals, and one of Colorado’s biggest nuggets of gold ever discovered are just a few of the many exhibits this museum houses. Additionally, there is an IMAX theatre, planetarium, and a new exhibit on the history of vikings.

Rocky Mountain National Park

What trip to Denver would be complete without a hike through the Rocky Mountains? This national park is full of breathtaking mountains, lakes, and plantlife, setting the scene for a truly beautiful adventure. There are several visitor centers throughout the park should you be overwhelmed by the sheer size of the park. Most will suggest checking out Bear Lake, the Rainbow Curve Overlook, and a hike up Longs Peak, should you be in a physical state allowing you to journey up such a mountain. Regardless, this park is full of activities for family members of all ages, and makes for a very memorable Colorado vacation. Before embarking on this journey however, be sure to visit the park’s website to check for daily hazards, weather conditions, and general alerts to guarantee your safety.