About Sahba Naderi

Sahba Naderi has a passion for traveling, and he is constantly on the move for both business and personal pleasure. This time spent on the road has exposed Sahba to a variety of life perspectives, religions, and cultures that exist around the world.

Growing up, Sahba Naderi and his family traveled a great deal. These experiences in different parts of the world, at a young age, allowed Sahba to develop a unique perspective into the variety of lives, histories, and cultures far and wide. Sahba Naderi understands that we have a finite amount of time on this planet, and he aims to explore as much of it as he can during this time.


Regional Cuisines

These frequent trips have also presented the tasty opportunity for Sahba to experience different foods and learn more about the regional cuisines of each city. For Sahba, travel has been great for the escapism from daily life, and offers an opportunity to get a taste of different cultures in their natural form. Although Los Angeles offers a great mix of cultural influences, they are all interpreted in some way through the lens of the city itself. Traveling to a new destination has allowed Sahba to take the palatable look into these cuisines in their natural forms.  

When visiting a new city, Sahba Naderi is open to trying almost anything. Upon returning from a trip, Sahba can often be found trying to pull together a meal inspired by the foods he discovered while on the road.



As a Structural Engineer, Sahba Naderi has a deep appreciation for architecture. When traveling to a new city, especially one rich in history, Sahba enjoys walking around and admiring the subtleties of the historic buildings. Some of his favorite trips — in terms of checking out the architecture — include those to Dubai, Berlin, Beijing, Rome, and Athens. With his eyes on the future, Sahba Naderi hopes to check out Shanghai and Barcelona as soon as he has the opportunity.

Sporting Events

Sahba Naderi is extremely fond of attending local sporting events, as it is a fun opportunity to be united with others through a common passion. An avid soccer fan, Sahba’s fondest memories are when he attended a Manchester United F.C. game at Old Trafford, the largest club stadium of any soccer team in the United Kingdom.